Bela Talbot
Placeholder person
Played by Bela





Bela procures unique items for a select clientle - otherwise stated, she's a great thief. She has quite an extensive knowledge of the supernatural world, and she knows how to use it for her own gain. She knows how to get what she wants and then sell it for a high price. She's intelligent and has a quick wit, coupled with beauty and knowing how to quell her emotions. Despite being obviously untrustworthy, she has charm and an unpredictableness to her. Fear is a foreign emotion to her; being driven by thrill, she can easily weasel her way in and out of any predicament - including ones that may get her killed. She can handle guns and other weapons with ease, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

The skills she possesses are almost weaknesses to her in and of themselves. She's emotionally dettached from others and has an unbreakable barrier around her feelings - making one wonder if she even has feelings. Her excessive determination and lack of consideration for others tends to land her in tight spots - either being held at gunpoint or in the middle of a spirit's dangerous path. Other people get hurt at her expense, and she's too cold to care.


Bela has no interest in the "altruistic or obsessed or revenge-minded motives of hunting", unlike most people who know their way around the supernatural world. She was damaged at a young age due to many unfortunate circumstances, and it left her afraid to let go of her control. She's manipulative and cunning, and very much out for herself. The young mercenary sees everything as an opportunity. She thinks that she's justified to steal occult objects from people and then sell them to the highest bidder, instead of using them for the greater good. She uses her wit, intelligence, and beauty to her own advantage and is very independent. It's rare to see her in a vulnerable state, and even if someone manages to break down her walls, she's quick to build them right back up.

To those around her, she's cold. She's possibly even convinced herself that she's heartless. She's often an annoyance and gets in the way of others if she desires something they're after too. Because no one has gotten close to her, she appears very greedy and narcissistic to everyone she comes into contact with.


Bela has a slim build; around 5'7" tall with a weight of about 120lb. Her wardrobe is of that of a business woman, including expensive dresses, jackets, and dress-pants. She likes to look professional, one item of her clothing and jewelry probably costing more than a normal person's entire wardrobe. On a normal day, her honey blonde hair falls in very loose waves and is just a little longer than shoulder-length. She puts her hair in a loosely curled updo for special occasions. Her eyes are light green, almost a shade of jade. Her thin lips are probably the most unique physical trait she has, but in no way are they unattractive.



Bela Talbot, born in 1983, was born under the name Abigail to a wealthy family in England. She was an only child and was forced to grow up and fend for herself very early in life. She was abused by her father, either sexually or physically, for an undisclosed amount of time. It was implied that her mother knew of the abuse but refused to step in and protect her daughter. In 1997, when Bela was 14, she was playing on the swings just after being hurt by her father when a crossroads demon approached her in a body slightly younger than her own. The demon offered to take care of Bela’s parents for her and promised her that it wouldn’t even cost her anything for ten whole years. Bela agreed. Her parents later died in a car crash. The police suspected a sashed break line but it was impossible for them to tell the real cause. Bela inherited their fortune and became rich.

Although Bela had knowledge of the supernatural world, due to her demon encounter, she had no interest in becoming a hunter. In fact, she had a strong dislike for the revenge-driven sociopathic motives that hunters had. With money as her constant, she became a thief – procuring occult objects and selling them for millions of dollars. She worked under aliases such as Bela Lugosi, Alex, and Mina Chandler. Despite that she had an apartment with a Siamese cat in Queens, NY, she didn’t confine her work to one area. She became a mercenary in multiple countries and spent much time traveling in search of rare and expensive items.

Although Bela preferred to work alone, she occasionally hired other, lesser thieves to do her dirty work for her. In 2007, when she was 24, she hired two men to break into a storage unit in Black Rock, just outside of Buffalo. Although one of the thieves was shot, both men got in an out alive with a rabbit’s foot that was originally put into storage by John Winchester. He used the place to store cursed objects, which he kept in boxes with binding magic. The rabbit’s foot was made by a Baton Rouge conjure woman about 100 years before. It was created by cutting off the foot of a rabbit in a cemetery under a full moon on Friday the 13th. It brought good luck to whoever possessed it, but once it was lost, it brought bad luck until the previous owner died. The thieves decided that the few hundred bucks Bela was offering them was an unfair price and opened the box containing the rabbit’s foot themselves. Sam and Dean Winchester, John’s sons, showed up in search of the box. The thieves were winning the fight until Sam touched the rabbit’s foot and the luck was passed onto himself and Dean. Sam and Dean took off with the rabbit’s foot and the thieves were killed by their bad luck.

After learning the foot was cursed, Sam and Dean stopped at Big Gersun’s restaurant to eat – where they won free food for a year. At the restaurant, Bela posed as a waitress and took Sam and Dean’s table. She purposely spilled the coffee she was pouring for Sam and used the distraction to steal the rabbit’s foot for him. She used the rag she had used to wipe up the coffee to wrap the rabbit’s foot in so she wouldn’t be touching it – and therefor wouldn’t be cursed. On her way out of the restaurant, she took off the short, black wig she had been wearing so it would be harder or Sam and Dean to recognize her. With Sam’s luck turned bad, Sam and Dean returned to the thief who had originally stolen the rabbit’s foot to learn Bela’s name. She had used the name Lugosi – which Bobby recognized as one of her aliases during a phone call with Dean. Bobby and Bela crossed paths a few times – and last Bobby had heard about her was that she was in the Middle East someplace. Bobby searched around until he found someone with Bela’s address then gave it to Dean so he could track her down. Dean dropped Sam off at a hotel then traveled two hours to Queens in search of Bela.

Bela’s apartment in Queens was very modern and had several expensive artifacts in it from all over the world. She kept a close eye on security for her place with cameras in the parking lot and the screens near her kitchen. While making plans to meet a man named Luke at an airstrip in an hour, she noticed Dean approaching from the parking lot on one of the screens. This gave her time to place the rabbit’s foot on the counter with tongs and grab her .380 Caliber Walther PPK from her mini fridge. She approached her door and security box, which was flashing “error” and had a yellow sticky note on it that said, “turn around”. Upon turning around, she came face to face with Dean Winchester and the barrel of his gun. She quickly drew her own gun. The two held each other at gunpoint and Dean demanded the rabbit’s foot back but Bela refused to hand it over. Dean tried to play the sympathy card by reminding Bela that people who lose the foot die and by telling her that Sam touched the foot. Bela agreed to hand it over to him for 1.5 million dollars. Dean asked Bela how she managed to even find the rabbit’s foot – to which she revealed how she finds the majority of her objects. She used a Ouija Board to contact the spirits of those that the foot had killed – and they had been very in tune to the location of the object that murdered them.

Somehow, Dean managed to steal the rabbit’s foot off the counter. Despite that Bela shot at him as he was trying to leave, because of his good luck, her bullets ricocheted off the wall and made holes in her Ouija Board and vases – scaring her cat.

Sam and Dean set out to destroy the rabbit’s foot by burning it with bone ash and cayenne pepper in a cemetery, but were approached by Bela who wanted it back. She held the two of them at gunpoint with a Desert Eagle, informing them that the rabbit’s foot belonged to her. Dean attempted to play the same card he had played on one of her hired thieves; he told her she wouldn’t shoot anyone because she was a thief, not a murderer. Before he could even finish his sentence, Bela shot Sam in the shoulder to prove him wrong. She reminded Dean that because he was lucky, she couldn’t hit him, but because Sam was unlucky, she couldn’t miss him. She told Dean to put the rabbit’s foot down, but instead, he tossed it to her – giving her the curse. She was forced to then burn the foot, putting her out 1.5 million and on the bad side of a fairly psychotic buyer. To make up for her loss, Bela swiped the $46,000 worth of scratch tickets that Dean had won with his luck before leaving.

Bela not only sold occult objects, but also made money buy scamming rich buyers with séances and fake supernatural charms. One of those customers was an elderly lady named Gertrude Case who had been one of Bela’s clients for a lengthy amount of time and knew her as “Alex”. When Gertrude’s niece, Sheila, was killed in the shower after seeing a ghost ship, Bela was called to look into it. She assured Gertrude that the case was taken care of then began looking into it for her own selfish motives. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean also showed up to look into the case – claiming to be police as they spoke to Gertrude. When they started asking her of Sheila had mentioned anything unusual, Gertrude asked if they were working with “Alex” and they agreed that they were. Gertrude informed them that Alex had been such a comfort to her.

Sam and Dean went to walk the bay and were discussing how every 37 years people have claimed to spot a three-mast clipper ship out on the bay before dying when Dean noticed his Impala was no longer where he had parked it. During Dean’s dramatic panic attack over his car, Bela approached them and asked if the ’67 Impala that was parked in that spot had been theirs. She informed them that it had been towed for being in a tow away zone. When they told her it hadn’t been parked in a tow away zone, she said that it had been when she was finished with it. She explained that she was in the area because she was yachting, but Sam quickly put two and two together and realized that she was Alex. She told Sam that Gert was an old friend and she sold charms to many elderly women up and down the eastern seaboard and also held séances so they could communicate with their dead cats. Dean accused her of conning, but she quipped that the comfort she provided was real. Disgusted, Sam asked her how she slept at night, to which she responded, “On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.” She asked Sam about his attitude and he reminded her that she shot him. She admitted that she thought Sam was cute but also that she thought he was a drama queen. Dean asked her if she realized the ghost ship was real and she claimed to be well aware that it was. Because Sam and Dean informed Gert that the case wasn’t closed, she stopped paying Bela and was demanding real answers before she’d start payment again – which meant Bela had to put more time into the case for money. She informed them that they should get to their Impala before the arsenal in the trunk was found out then walked off. Dean asked if he could shoot her, but Sam told him not to do it in public.

The next death happened when a man drowned in a sink. Bela approached his brother with a tape recorder, pretending to be a reporter and asking him questions. She was chased off by Sam and Dean, the two men still posing as police. Bela approached a few real police, questioning them about Sam and Dean’s authenticity before leaving the scene for a few moments. She approached them again at their car as they were loading their guns, commenting about how she saw they got the car back. Dean questioned if she really wanted to go near him when he had a loaded gun in his hand. Bela responded by simply telling him to mind his blood-pressure. She inquired as to why they were still there when they had enough to ID the ship, and Sam informed her that the man she had previously been interviewing had also seen the ship. Sam claimed they were trying to save the man, but Bela accused them of using him as cannon fodder. Dean informed her that he and Sam had souls and were going to try to save the guy, and she told him they she was going to find the ship and end the case. Dean approached her again, asking her why she was the way she was and if her dad never gave her enough hugs. She asked Dean if his dad gave him enough – implying with that comment and the blood-pressure comment that she knew a little bit about John Winchester – and possibly the Winchesters in general. Upon first meeting Sam and Dean, she knew their names before they introduced themselves. She told Dean not to look down his nose at her and that he was no better than she was. She told him that hunters did their jobs out of vengeance and obsession, not to help people. She viewed hunters as a stone’s throw from being a serial killer. On the other hand, she saw herself as simply getting paid to do a job and doing it.

After the second man died, drowned in his car by the ghost, Bela found where Sam and Dean were staying. Dean allowed Bela into the abandoned house and Bela asked if they were actually squatting – realizing that they had no leads. She was about to tell the boys that she had told them the man, Peter, was going to die, but Dean threatened to start swinging. She told the two of them that the three of them should have a heart to heart, but Dean responded with, “That’s assuming you have a heart.” She apologized for what she had said before, back at the Impala, and told them that she had come bearing gifts. She informed them that they had ID’d the ship and offered them pictures of it and information about its past. It was the Espirito Santo – the name literally meaning “Holy Spirit.” It was a merchant sailing vessel with a colorful history. In 1859, a sailor onboard the ship was accused of treason. He was tried aboard ship in a kangaroo court then later hanged for his crime. He was 37years old, explaining why the ship appeared every 37 years. She gave Sam and Dean a picture of the ghost and they identified him as they man who had killed Peter the night before. Bela was shocked that they had seen him and knew that he was missing his right hand when Dean brought it up. She explained that the sailor’s body was cremated, but not before they cut off his hand to make a Hand Of Glory. The right hand of a hanged man was a very serious, very powerful occult object. Sam and Dean questioned why the ghost was choosing his victims, but Bela told them not to care – what was important was destroying the hand. Dean asked why she was telling them her information, and she informed them that she knew exactly where the hand was. She told them she needed help getting the hand from the Sea Pines Maritime museum – which was established in 1892.

In order to get the men into a prestigious party at the museum, she set Sam up on a date with Gertrude – who had connections to the museum. Bela took Dean as her own date. She got ready for their date at a much quicker speed than Dean did and accused him of being a woman for taking so long and refusing to show himself in a suit. Despite her dislike for Dean, she was quite taken by how nicely he fixed up. Dean expected her to make a sarcastic remark, but instead she requested the two of them have angry sex. After a moment of consideration, Dean told her not to objectify him then walked out the door with a grin on his face.

Dean and Bela entered the party and Bela handed their reservation to the man at the door before she noticed Dean was chewing gum. She demanded he be more formal and he stuck his gum on the side of a fountain. Even though she was disgusted with him, she linked their arms and followed him into the next room where they met up with Sam and Gert – who somehow arrived after they did. Sam questioned how long he was expected to entertain his date and Bela told him as long as it takes – both she and Dean equally amused that the elderly woman had a crush on Sam and was intent on getting him into bed. Dean and Bela abandoned Sam with Gert and went in search of a way to get upstairs to the Hand of Glory – but there was security blocking all the entryways. They placed their drinks on a table and determined by the way the security men were standing that they weren’t private but more than likely state troopers. Dean told Bela he was thinking of an idea on how to get upstairs and she told him not to strain himself them immediately conjured up her own plan. She pretended to faint in Dean’s arms. Dean summoned a waiter and told him Bela had a severe shellfish allergy and confirmed there was no crab in the food on his tray before taking some for himself to taste it. He was approached by security and informed the man that Bela was a lightweight and asked if he could take her upstairs and lay her down somewhere. Dean called Bela a lush then hauled her upstairs and dropped her careless on a couch. He took her purse from the security man then shut the door behind him and turned to face Bela – who looked very proud that her plan had worked out. Dean requested that next time she give him a heads up, but she told him that she didn’t want him thinking because he wasn’t very good at it. Dean tossed her her purse and tried to come up with a witty rejoinder, but only ended up responding with, “Screw you.” Bela told him that his comeback was very Oscar Wilde . She informed him the hand was in a locked glass case wired for alarm in room 235. She told him she was sure it wouldn’t be a problem and he attempted to mock her in a pathetic accent as he left in search of the hand.

While Bela was alone in the room, looking at a bottle with a miniature clipper ship inside, security knocked on the door to make sure everything was alright. Bela answered with one of her dress straps slide halfway down her arm. She informed the man that she was feeling better but that she and Dean weren’t exactly done with the room. She asked for a few more minutes then shut the door and began giggling as if Dean was still in the room with her. The security man ran into Dean in the hall and Dean thanked him for looking after his wife. The security guard replied that she was being looked after alright then hurried off, leaving Dean to look confused. Dean reentered the room just as Bela was fixing her dress strap. He asked if there had been any trouble, to which she responded that it was nothing she couldn’t handle. Dean pulled the hand out of his suit jacket and refused to allow Bela to touch it when she requested to hold it. He wrapped it in a handkerchief then put it back in his jacket. Bela informed him it might be more inconspicuous in her purse and that she was just trying to be helpful, but Dean informed her that he didn’t need her kind of help.

Dean and Bela returned back downstairs just as Gert was telling Sam that the people who had drowned had has previous deaths in their lives – and that the two brothers were suspected of killing their father. Gert told Bela how delightful Sam was and that he wanted her and Bela told Sam and Dean that she was going to get Gert into a cold shower then led her out of the museum. On her way out, she informed Sam and Dean that she would see them at the cemetery to destroy the hand.

In the car, Sam requested that Dean let him see the hand. Dean pulled the handkerchief out of his pocket and unwrapped it to find the bottle with the clipper ship that Bela had been looking at instead of the hand.

Bela had had a buyer lined up for the hand since the moment she knew it existed. Immediately after the party, she sold it. As she was at the bay, counting the money she had made, she saw the ghost ship in front of her car. She got out of her car to take a good look at the ship then backtracked to where Sam and Dean had been staying.

Dean, pissed off with Bela, was debating whether to kill her or just slowly torture her. He informed Sam that he couldn’t believe she had got another one over on them. Sam replied that she hadn’t pulled one over on both of them, but only Dean. Dean was telling him how ‘helpful’ he was when Bela knocked frantically on the door, demanding that they open up. Dean was quick to open the door, with Sam right behind him, and Bela begged that they just let her explain. They let her in and she told them that she sold it and had had a buyer lined up from the very beginning. Dean walked behind her and made a shooting motion at her head. Sam asked why she had invited them to the charity ball at the museum and she explained that she needed a cover and that they were convenient. Sam told her to just go buy the hand back from the buyer and she told him that it was already halfway across the ocean and she couldn’t get it back in time. Dean asked in time for what and Sam told her she looked like she had seen a ghost. Bela admitted that she had seen the ship. Dean told her he had known she was an immoral, thieving con-artist , bitch, but he had thought his opinion of her couldn’t get any lower. Bela looked at him, confused by his statement. Sam told her that they had figured out the spirit’s motive for killing. The captain of the ship, the one who had hung the spirit, was his brother; they were very Cain and Able. The ghost was going after a very specific target – people who had shed their own family’s blood. He explained that Sheila had killed her cousin in a car accident and the Warren brothers had killed their father for his money. Dean asked who Bela had killed – whether it be her father or maybe a little sister. Bela informed him that it was none of his business. Dean told her to have a nice life, or whatever was left of it, and slapped her roughly on the back. He began gathering his things and told Sam they were leaving.

Bela told them that they couldn’t just let her there to die. Dean told her to watch them and Bela even went so far as to say, “Please.” She told them she needed their help but Dean asked how a couple of serial killers could possibly help her. She admitted that she had been a little harsh with her words, but it didn’t warrant a death sentence. Sam reminded her that that wasn’t why she was going to die and asked what she did. She told him that he wouldn’t understand; no one did. She told them that she would do what she always did and deal with it herself. Dean asked if she was aware that she had sold the only thing that could save her life and she informed him that she was. Sam spoke up, mentioning that he knew another way of saving her.

The three of them ended up at the cemetery where they set up an alter to summon the captain of the ship. Bela asked Dean if he thought their plan was going to work and Dean told her that he almost definitely did not. The sky clouded over out of nowhere and it began to storm, pouring buckets of rain, and Dean told Sam that he had better start reading the spell. Sam began to read a spell from John Winchester’s journal. Dean kept his gun ready to shoot. Out of fear as the storm got worse, Bela began to back away but Dean grabbed her arm and told her to stay close. The ghost appeared behind Dean and Bela yelled that it was there. Dean attempted to shoot, but the spirit threw him against a tombstone and he shot in a random direction. The ghost then approached Bela and touched her cheek, causing her to start spewing water. She dropped to her knees as she began to drown. Dean crawled over to her and wrapped an arm around, yelling at Sam to read faster.

Sam finished the words of the spell and Bela stopped drowning as the storm cleared up. The two spirits confronted each other in the middle of the cemetery then canceled each other out – leaving Bela alive.

Bela returned to where Sam and Dean had been staying the next morning just as they were packing up. She let herself in and told Sam and Dean that they should learn to lock their doors because anyone could just barge in. Sam responded that anyone just did. He asked if Bela showed up to say goodbye or thank them. She told them she had shown up to settle affairs and informed Sam that he was clever for giving the spirit what he really wanted – his own brother. She pulled out two stacks of cash, held together by rubber bands, and tossed one to each other boys – telling them it was $10,000. When they looked at her in confusion, she informed them that she didn’t like being in anyone’s debt. Dean asked her if ponying up ten grand was easier for her than a simple thank you and told her that she was damaged. Bela responded that it takes one to know one. Sam commented that she had style as she left then told Dean that they didn’t know where her money had been. Dean took the money from him and responded that he knew where it was going – Atlantic City.

Not long after her previous encounter with Sam and Dean, Bela was approached at her car at night by a man named Gordon Walker. He knew her name right off the bat and she informed him that he had her at a disadvantage because she didn’t know who he was. He told her his name and she claimed to have heard of him as she opened her car door. She informed him that she had heard he was in prison. He told her he got out and she asked if he was released early on good behavior. She reached for her gun, but Gordon asked if she was looking for it and held it up in front of her. She shut her car door again as he unloaded the gun. Gordon told her that he knew she had just been in Massachusetts with the Winchesters then demanded she tell him where they were. She told him that she didn’t think she knew. Gordon pointed his gun at her and told her to think a little harder. Bela calmly to put the gun down and asked him what was so pressing about finding the boys. Gordon told her that Sam Winchester was the anti-christ. Bela responded that she had heard something about that from her good friend – The Easter Bunny who heard it from The Tooth Fairy. She then asked him if he was off his meds. Gordon told her to go ahead and be a smartass but to tell him where they were because the world was hanging in the balance. He threatened to shoot her if she didn’t tell him. She replied that the two of them didn’t know each other very well and that she was going to tell him something about her; she didn’t respond well to threats, but if he made her an offer, he would find her very cooperative. His offer was that she tell him where they were or he’d kill her right then. Bela simply told him to kill her and wished him good luck finding Sam and Dean.

Gordon gave in and told her that he could wrangle up three grand, but Bela looked amused and told him that she didn’t even get out of bed for three grand. She looked down and noticed a mojo bag attached to his belt. She told him if he gave it to her that they would call it even. Gordon refused, telling her that it was a century old. Bela responded that it was priceless. She asked him how badly he wanted Sam and Dean and he gave in again and tossed her the bag. Bela called up Dean and requested he tell her where he was.

She received a call from Dean while in her car the next night. Dean asked if she had really called him the other night to thank him for saving her or if it was for another reason. Bela admitted that Gordon Walker had paid her to give away Sam and Dean’s location. She informed Dean that Gordon had a gun on her and asked what else she was supposed to do. Dean told her that she could have picked up the phone and told him that a raging psychopath was dropping by. Bela told him that she had fully intended to call but she had got a bit side-tracked. Dean said Gordon had tried to kill them and Bela responded that she didn’t know it was such a big deal. She said, after all, there was only one of Gordon and two of Sam and Dean. Dean informed her that there had been two men, but all she said was, “Oh.” Dean told her that if they made it out of their predicament alive, the first thing he was going to do was kill her. She told him he couldn’t be serious. He responded that she should listen to his voice and tell her if he was serious – causing her to look seriously frightened by the threat.

Bela called Dean back not long after to inform him she didn’t like when people held grudges against her and would prefer that he not kill her so she went ahead and found Gordon’s exact location for him. When Dean asked how she did that from 100 miles away, she reminded him that she was a purveyor of powerful occult objects. She told him she had used a Talking Board to contact the other side that Gordon was in a two story warehouse in Riverfront with a neon sign outside. She said the spirit also had a message for them; they should leave town, run like hell, and not go after Gordon - for whatever the message was worth.

Sam and Dean survived their encounter with Gordon and Bela revealing his location was enough to make sure they didn’t go after her and kill her. As a last resort, they contacted her for help a few weeks later after Bobby Singer was trapped in a coma by a man who could control people inside of their dreams. Dean commented that he felt dirty just thinking about asking Bela for a favor, but he and Sam were desperate to help Bobby and they were all out of other options and knew no one else who could score them some African Dream Root.

Before actually helping them, Sam had a dream about Bela that was potentially caused by the African Dream Root itself. Bela showed up at his hotel room while Sam was gone, adorned in a tan trench coat. Sam told her that he didn’t think there was a chance in hell she would show up and she responded that she was full of surprises. She asked if he truthfully wanted to know why she was there as she undid her coat and dropped it to the ground, revealing that she was only wearing black lingerie underneath. She told him that she had shown up for him. She informed him that she couldn’t stop thinking about him then kissed him and lured him into bed. Mid-sex, Sam was woken up by Dean who asked him if he was dreaming about Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. Dean told Sam that he had called Bela and she had turned him down.

There was a knock on the hotel room door and Dean opened it, letting Bela inside. She was dressed in a black trench, similar to the tan one that she had been wearing in Sam’s dream. She reminded Dean that he had called her and began digging through her purse. Dean said that she had turned him down and responded that she was just full of surprises – as she had in Sam’s dream. She handed Dean the jar of African Dream Root, telling him that it was nasty stuff and not easy to come by. Dean asked why she had a sudden change of heart and Bela asked if she couldn’t do him a favor every now and again. She took her trench coat off as Sam watched her. Dean told her that she couldn’t do him a favor and that he wanted to know what the strings were before she attached them. Bela said that the favor was for Bobby, not Dean. She claimed that Bobby once saved her life in Flagstaff. She said that she screwed up and he saved her and asked if they were happy with that reason. Sam shrugged and Dean replied, “Maybe.”

Bela let the subject drop and asked when they were going on their magical mystery tour. Dean informed her that she wasn’t going anywhere. He informed her that he didn’t even trust her in his car, much less Bobby’s head. He then added ‘no offense’ on the end and Bela accepted it, knowing he was right. Dean locked up the Dream Root in a safe where a demon-killing gun named The Colt was visibly kept. Bela asked him where she was supposed to go at 2AM. Dean told her to get a room. He said they got the Magic Fingers and a little Casa Erotica on pay-perv-view and that she’d love it. Disgusted with him, Bela stormed out of the room. Sam leapt to his feet and yelled, “Nice to seein’ you, Bela” after her and Dean just gave him a weird look.

When the case goes on longer than Sam, Dean, and Bobby expect it to, Bela stayed around to continue helping. Two days later, she was still working with them. She tried to use her Talking Board to find them a lead, but sometimes the spirit world was in a chatty mood and other times it just wasn’t. Bobby asked Bela why she was helping them and Bela told him she was surprised that he didn’t remembered then mentioned Flagstaff. Bobby shrugged off the topic, satisfied with her answer.

Once the case was solved, Dean tried to contact Bela but she wasn’t in her hotel room nor was she answering her phone. Sam said she must have taken off and Dean commented that that was weird. Bobby replied that her helping them was what was weird. Dean said he thought Bobby have saved her life in Flagstaff and Bobby replied that they had met in Flagstaff but he had simply just given her a good deal on an amulet. Bobby told Sam and Dean that they had better check their pockets. Dean rushed over to the safe and pulled it open to find that Bela had stolen The Colt – a gun that they thought would prevent Dean from going to Hell. Sam and Dean packed their bags, ready to hunt Bela down – again.

Sam and Dean tracked Bela down to an empty hotel room in Monument, Colorado – where she purposely led them. They went through her things, finding clothing and wigs but no sign of The Colt. Bela called them at the room, knowing where they would be, and told Dean that she was already two states away. Dean was dead-serious on the phone and Bela asked where their normally quippy banter was, telling him that she missed it. Dean demanded The Colt back and asked her if she knew how many people were going to die if she did this. She asked what exactly he thought she was doing. Dean responded that she was taking the only weapon they had against an army of demons and was selling it to the highest bidder. Bela told him that he knew nothing about her. Dean said he knew he was going to stop her and she responded that those were tough words for a guy who couldn’t even find her. Dean told her that he would find her because he had absolutely nothing better to do than to track her down. Bela told him that that was where he was wrong and that he was about to be quite occupied. She asked if he really thought she wouldn’t take precautions. A few seconds later, the FBI busted down the door – after Sam and Dean. Bela had given them an anonymous tip on Sam and Dean’s whereabouts – leading the police straight to the boys.

While Sam and Dean were in jail, there was a large demon attack on the police station. Ruby showed up, demanding The Colt so they could get out of the jail alive. Upon learning The Colt was stolen, and instead of blaming Bela, she blamed Sam for allowing The Colt to get grabbed out of his thick, clumsy, idiotic hands.

Bobby finally got a clue as to how to find Bela from a man named Rufus Turner. Rufus used to be a hunter but retired and began to sell occult objects. He got a call from a woman by the name of Mina Chandler. She had a British accent and contacted him to buy some things. Dean recognized the name as one Bela had used before. He thought it was a sloppy move that Bela would contact one of Bobby’s old friends, but Bobby claimed not to have laid eyes on Rufus in fifteen years. Bobby doubted that Bela knew he knew Rufus. He sent the boys to Canaan, Vermont to get in contact with Rufus – telling them to take a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue with them. Dean and Sam argued whether they should go after Bela – Sam claiming they should finish the case because Bela probably sold The Colt the moment she got it. Dean said it was a win/win situation because if she sold it, he would kill her. Sam stayed behind to finish the case while Dean went to find Rufus, in search of Bela.

Dean arrived at Rufus’s place, but Rufus kept him outside and refused to let him in on Bela’s location. He finally opened the door and told Dean a little story about how once upon a time Bobby called and told Rufus to call him if he ever got a whiff of Bela Talbot; he got a whiff of her and called – the end. Dean asked for her location once again and Rufus told him to get the hell off of his property. Before leaving, Dean pulled out the bottle of Johnny Walker Blue and Rufus finally allowed him inside to talk about Bela’s whereabouts.

Rufus told Dean that Bela wanted to buy a few things from him – things that would take him awhile to round up. He asked why Dean was wasting the last three weeks of his life chasing that skinny, stuck-up, English girl. He claimed The Colt, a pea-shooter, wouldn’t save Dean. He told Dean that there were things he didn’t know about Bela. Rufus had lifted Bela’s fingerprint and it had gotten him jack. She had burned off her fingerprints years ago. He asked if Dean had done Bela’s ear. Misunderstanding, Dean replied that he would try anything once but that sounded uncomfortable. Rufus replied that ears were as unique as fingerprints and while they didn’t fly in the courts in the United States, in England they were all over it. A friend of a friend of a friend faxed Rufus ten pages of confidential files about Bela within a day. All Rufus had to do was send him one clean shot of Bela’s ear off the security camera.

After reading through Bela’s files, Dean tracked her down to the hotel room where she was staying. He shoved her against the wall with his arm against her neck and a gun to her face and demanded she tell him where The Colt was. She told him it was long gone, across the world but Dean called her out on her lie. He took her gun and turned on the lights in the room with it. He told her not to move and began going through her things. Bela told him she didn’t have it and while Dean didn’t believe her, she was telling the truth. She tried to escape but Dean turned around and shot a hole through the door – right beside her head. Dean pointed the gun at her head and she asked if he was going to kill her, to which he responded that he was. Bela told him that he wasn’t the cold-blooded type and he asked if she meant like she was. He told her he knew she had killed her parents and when she tried to tell him she didn’t know what he was talking about, he told her that she did. He told her he knew that her parents had died when she was fourteen and that the police suspected a slashed break line but it was all too crispy to tell. He also knew that she had inherited millions after their death and it didn’t matter how he knew it happened.

Bela lied to preserve her pride and informed him that here parents were lovely people. She said she killed him to inherit their money and that she couldn’t be bothered to give a damn – just like she didn’t care what happened to Dean. Dean shoved her against the wall and informed her she made him sick – to which she responded, “Likewise.” He looked up and noticed a Devil’s Shoestring (a plant used to ward off Hellhounds) above her doorway then told her she wasn’t worth his bullet and shoved her away from the door. She pulled a receipt out of his pocket while he was touching her then opened it when he left, getting the location of the hotel he was staying at. She picked up the phone and called Lilith, the demon who held deals, to tell her Sam and Dean were staying at 267 West Huron Boulevard, Room 15, in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Knowing what Bela was up to when he realized his receipt was missing, Sam and Dean left the hotel room, placing two inflatable sex dolls on the bed under blankets. At 11:56PM, Bela showed up at the room and shot both dolls before realizing they weren’t Sam and Dean. The phone in the room rang and Bela picked it up. Dean told her over the phone that he had felt her hand in his pocket when she swiped the receipt. Bela told him he didn’t understand but Dean told her he understood perfectly. He told her he had noticed the herb, Devil’s Shoestring, above her hotel room door and knew that it was used to keep Hellhounds at bay. He told her he had gone back and looked at her parent’s obituary and learned they had died exactly ten years ago to that date. He knew she had gotten a demon to do her dirty work. He asked if she had taken The Colt to trade it for her soul. Bela admitted it, but responded that after she took The Colt, the deal had been changed. Lilith wanted Sam dead. She had never given The Colt to Lilith though – she gave it to Lilith’s right hand man, Crowley. At 11:58, Dean commented that Bela was on a tight deadline and Bela began crying, begging him to help her. Dean informed her it was too late for that and if she had gone to them sooner, they might have actually been able to help her.

Bela used her last few minutes to tell Dean that she knew about his deal. She told him she had heard about it from Lilith, the demon who holds all deals. Dean asked why he should believe her. She told him he shouldn’t but that it was the truth. Dean told her that the information couldn’t help her and asked why she was telling him this, and Bela replied that just maybe he could kill the bitch. Dean told Bela he would see her in Hell then hung up the phone. The clock turned midnight and Hellhounds began to howl in the distance. Bela put the phone down and got to her feet. She pulled her gun, ready to shoot herself before the hounds got her. She didn’t get a chance to pull the trigger before the black cords wrapped around her ankles and dragged her into Pandora.

Pandora HistoryEdit

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