Pandora is a small but growing world that is, quite literally, trapped inside of a box. People are pulled in from all sorts of different dimensions with no idea of why they have been drawn into this new dimension in the first place. The minds behind Pandora are forever silent, but new places seem to be dropped in regularly as well as new challenges for the people trapped within.

But over time, many have begun adjusting to this life -- until they mysteriously vanish again. A new order and government has been setup, ruled by King Arthur and what was once an empty world is growing into something more. And yet there are still many mysteries to uncover and questions to be answered. In a world like Pandora, there is never an end to the strange new things to see.

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Anybody can add new information to Pandora. It can be information on politics, locations, histories (however brief), culture, or anything at all. You can use the templates on the New Page Templates article to get started.

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