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This is the official wiki for Pandora , a forum-based, mass-crossover roleplay. The wiki is used to further expand the world of Pandora and can be used to store character information, histories, plots, Pandora lore, or any other information that is relevant to the roleplay. Anybody is free to edit the wiki and add information and articles, though we ask that you consider registering with wikia to become a part of the Pandora wiki community!

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  • Characters - Take a look at the active and inactive characters that have existed in Pandora
  • Pandora - Pages related to Pandora lore and setting information are located here. This category also has several subcategories beneath it to further categorize information for ease of navigation
  • Plots - Articles on the various plots, small or large, can be found here. These may be site-wide plots or smaller, player-run plots.

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Anybody is free to add information or pages to the Pandora wiki to help us further expand on the world inside the box. You'll find pre-created templates that allow you to add characters, locations, plots, or other lore information in regards to Pandora.

If this is your first time using wikis or wikia, check out the Wiki Newbie Guide.

Check out the New Page Templates for the available article templates.

For the security of the wiki and integrity of the roleplay, Pandora staff does monitor all edits made to the wiki. Edits to character articles are allowed and, in most circumstances, do not require an official re-app on the forum. However, if you are making major additions to non-hobby, character skills, these still require a re-app.

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