Pandora's Home For Wayward Orphans

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Residential District


Pandora's orphanage is a new facility raised by Pandora's government to house all the children who have no place to stay. It is a plain white building with three stories, big enough to house a fairly large number of children and around 10 faculty members.

The interior of the orphanage is a bright, cheery place. Though the walls were originally deep blue, the head has allowed the children free reign to express themselves on them, leaving the walls decorated with creative doodles and splashes of paint, which are always being painted over and replaced by new ones. The ground floor's primary feature is the giant playroom, stocked with all manner of toys and games and constantly supervised by caretakers. The playroom includes many things, such as indoor playground equipment, a ball pit, and a maze of colorful fun tubes snaking across the ceiling and walls. Nearby is a cafeteria, similar to the kind you'd find in a public school, and a series of simple classrooms.

The next two floors are sleeping quarters for the children and staff. Although it's impossible for every child to have their own room, the bedrooms are still quite comfortable and cozy, ensuring the orphans can feel safe and sleep well at night. On the third floor, there's a small library full of children's books.

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