Strawberry Moon

Fai D. Flourite, Tsuzuki Asato


Commercial District


The Strawberry Moon is a cosplay cafe located just off of Riverstreet in a small, cute building. It's staff dresses up in all sorts of different costumes, often following a theme that changes each evening. This cosplay cafe was originally run by Mariya Shidou, as a fundraiser and front to help him run his fraudulent operations. However, since Mariya's mysterious disappearance from Pandora, Fai D. Flourite has become the new manager of the cafe. He knows nothing of Mariya's previous frauds.

The menu is simple, with a clear Japanese influence - teas and coffees, light meals such as noodles and omurice, and colorful desserts. The back of the cafe is lined with racks and racks of costumes, ranging from the simple to the silly, which the staff wears while on the clock. For an extra fee, customers can play dress-up, or order a costume change and pictures with their waiter or waitress.

The cafe fosters a cute image and a laid-back, happy atmosphere, making it almost a world of it's own in contrast with Pandora's darker happenings. The building is painted conspicuous, fanciful seafoam green, and stuffed animals line the windowsills. Waiters decorate customer's orders with cute doodles, drawn with ketchup or chocolate syrup, and customers can pay to play board or card games with them.

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