The Laws of the Land
Laws as declared by King Arthur
Pandora Lore

March, Year 1

Citizens of Pandora take note. Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, Maud Beauclerc will no longer be able to perform her duties as Empress. Stepping in to fulfill said duties is Arthur Pendragon, your new King

and ruler of Pandora.

The following will contain acts considered both heinous and punishable by the law:

Breaking and Entering
Murder - an offense punishable by death
Treason - an offense punishable by death
Deliberate or malicious destruction of property
Falsifying documents
Counterfeiting money
Harboring anyone suspected of aforementioned crimes

Anyone suspected of said crimes will be arrested and held in a Pandora provided prison until their trial. On the day of their hearing they will stand trial before King and council where evidence will be presented both in support and opposition of the accused.

Any issues that need seeing to such as matters of protection, taxes, and anything else that needs passing judgment may be brought before the King.

Magic is hereby on a probationary period in Pandora. Any active users of it may continue to do so, however any attempt to use said magic on or against the King will be viewed as a treasonous offense.

All previous laws involving property, taxes, and a monetary systems under Maud's rule will remain the same.

His Royal Highness
Arthur Pendragon
King of Pandora

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